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02 January 2011 @ 11:07 pm
Top 15 Female Characters of 2010  
Beware, you will find a lot of fierce ladies here :P Please feel free to scroll past my rants...

#15: Joan Campbell | Covert Affairs

Joan is, literally, a Head Bitch In Charge. She runs one of CIA’s most important divisions and she kicks ass while doing it. She’s a strong woman, devoted to her job and to her team. The fact that her husband is her boss makes things complicated, as secrets must be kept for the sake of security. However, when it comes to marriage, secrets can ruin everything; and it’s exactly because of this that Joan end up becoming jealous and (a bit) neurotic. And I think it’s quite fascinating that at work she can be this fierce woman who can control everything, but when it comes to her personal life, you can see that she has got all these layers and insecurities that she has to work on.

“There is exactly one person in this place who you can truly trust to the core, and you are doing your best to alienate her.”

#14: Alexis Castle | Castle

The thing is, I have a soft spot for teenage girls characters who are mature for their age. And that’s pretty much because I relate to them a lot. I’ve never been the typical teenager and, actually, I don’t have much patience with them. So it’s nice to see teenagers on screen that aren’t back stabbing their best friends, getting themselves on love triangles or constantly fighting with their parents. Alexis is more of a parent to Castle but at the same time she still is the kid. She’s always there to give him advice and call him out of his shit when needed, but she still acts like every normal kid does. Though she’s way more adorable than a lot of them. And I love how she brings this freshness to the show.

“If I’m gonna have to keep bailing you out, you’re going to have to raise my allowance… a lot.”

#13: Lux Cassidy | Life Unexpected

The girl who showed up on Baze’s door to get his name signed on the document that would get her emancipated; the girl who yelled at Cate and Baze that THEY were the ones who needed parents; the fragile girl who, on the season finale, admited that she wanted her parents to be together; the girl who never had a real home and desperately wanted one, even if she wouldn’t admit it. That broken girl, she’s the Lux I fell in love with. And she would have been way higher in this list if season 2 hadn’t screwed her over.

“You and someone had a kid. You gave up that kid. I’m that kid.”

#12: Elena Gilbert | The Vampire Diaries

Elena has a fire inside herself. I usually dislike the main lead teenage girl, but with Elena it was different. She proved several times that she isn’t just there to be led by other people’s choices. She makes her own choices. She went talk to Katherine, she made a deal with Elijah, she’s always thinking about how to take care of her family and friends, she is a good friend. And she made Damon believe that he was worth saving. I guess that’s the thing about her, if she has faith in you, she will stick to you ‘til the end.

“I don’t question why everyone tries so hard to save me. You shouldn’t question why I try so hard to save everyone else.”

#11: Aliena | The Pillars of the Earth

Aliena was the daughter of an Earl, an amazing father, especially for the time, who would allow her to marry whomever she chose. In 1100. Yeah. Seems pretty good, right? She had the money, she had the lands, she would have a loving husband. But then a war started, her father was executed, she lost the money, the prestige. And she was raped. She was raped and humiliated but instead of putting her head down, she promised her father, a few days before his death, that they would get everything back. She started selling wool to get her brother everything that he needed to become a knight, things started to look up for her, she fell in love with this sweet guy who really liked her and it seemed that she would finally get things right. But, said man (Jack) almost died and she had her heart broken to pieces again; then, when he returned and everything was happy and merry, they tried to have sex and the memories from her rape hunted her. All of her wool was set on fire, the man of her life joined the Church, she ended up having to marry a total jerk. But not before finally being able to have one night of love with Jack. Her husband mistreated her only because he was incapable of getting himself an erection. She ended up pregnant of Jack, being abandoned by her husband and losing her house and business. By then Jack had already obviously quit the Churh and gone to France. With a baby in her arms and pennyless, Aliena went find the man of her life, she persued her happiness. She found him, her brother got back from war with the great news that they had gotten their title back and, a few years later, after the death of her husband, she got to marry Jack. Aliena fought really hard for her happy ending. She’s one of the strongest women of this list. But now can we stop and stare at the prettiness of Hayley Atwell, please?

“Everything we’ve worked for, all these years. Finally we did it.”

#10: Amber Holt | Parenthood

Mae Whitman is one of the most talented actresses of her generation. Whenever she starts to cry, my eyes well up and within seconds I find myself sobbing. And it is exactly her talent that made Amber stood out in a show with such an amazing ensemble cast. I love how throughout the episodes Amber has been learning to believe in herself. She went from this troubled girl who had a difficult relationship with her mother and didn’t care about school to become this way more confident girl, who scored her ASATs, and who could find a friend in her mom and strength in herself. She’s just a teenager struggling in this world, like so many of us. She’s so incredibily real. And that’s why I love her.

“Okay, you caught me mom, I’m gonna go buy some drugs and ya know whatever else you don’t want me to do cause God forbid I do something right in my life.”

#9: Kristina Braverman | Parenthood

Monica Potter is fricken brilliant. And that’s a good enough reason for Kristina to be on this list. But, of course that it goes way beyond that. Kristina is an amazing mother; her dedication to her family, especially Max, is so remarkable. On one of the latest episodes she pretty much begs for Max to be invited to a party. She asked all of her neighbours to make special arrangements for Halloween just so her kid would be able to enjoy himself. And whenever Max makes any kind of progress and she looks at him, with that teary eyed gaze, it breaks my heart a little. She’s such a strong woman, she’s a superhero and still, there’s this vulnerability about her that amazes me ♥

“Honey, there’s something wrong with our baby! It’s not just the academics, okay? It’s not just the biting or the pirate costume or the fear of fire or the tantrums. It’s everything. Please don’t make me be alone with this.”

#8: Savannah Monroe | Hellcats

I’m gonna be completely honest here and say I had a prejudice against Ashley. I didn’t think her show could be any good, especially considering how it was about cheerleaders. But I started watching it anyway and I really liked Savannah and Marti’s friendship on the pilot. And that was what made me watch episode 2. Then, Savannah made a prayer for her sick sister and I realized that I was already in love with this character. Episode after episode I grew to love this unusual girl more and more. And it seems that I was kinda right about the show overrall, it isn’t THAT good. It was good ‘til they started with this goddamn triangle that ruined Marti and Marti/Savannah’s friendship. Savannah is the only reason I keep on watching this show, because even though the writing isn’t that good and the plot redefines the definition of cliché, they at least got to create this solid character. I’m too attached to Savannah to let go of Hellcats. And 50% (maybe even 60%) of this is due to Ashley, who I gave no credit before, but who made this character become so special. This is my favorite kind of situation to be wrong. I was wrong about Ashley, but now I know that she is indeed a talented girl.

“I’m an optimist, not an idiot.”

#7: Caroline Forbes | Vampire Diaries

Caroline was this supporting character who was interesting and cute at times but who was shadowed by the lack of an interesting storyline. And then season 2 came, she became a vampire and she grew more confident. And now I love her to bits. I remember how she amazed me on the scene she told Damon that she remembered everything. And that was only the first scene of many that showed her epicness, like when she kicked Mason’s ass and when she tricked the oh-so-powerful Katherine. I also loved how her transformation didn’t exactly change her, but enhaced her qualities. And I love how we can see the amazing friend that she can be now that she has more screentime. Her friendship with Elena is stronger now and she developed a new one with Stefan that is quite endearing. Although I loved all these changes - well, let’s call it characterization improvement - I’m glad that they kept the things about her that defined her and that make Caroline who she is: a funny, adorable, insecure, but, mostly, sweet girl.

“So, you’re saying now I’m an insecure, neurotic control freak… on crack?”

#6: Kate Beckett | Castle

I started to watch Castle this year and it has quickly become one of my favorite shows ever. Obviously, this is due to the leading actors and characters. Kate Beckett is the girl who chose to fight her fears and go past the traumas of her life. Her mother was killed and she joined the police, she became a detective to find the killer and put him behind bars. She was once obsessed with this, but today she changed the feeling inside herself and it turned into an obstination. She’s determined to always look for the truth, to go to the botton of things and do whatever she needs to in her quest for justice. But she’s extremely ethical, she knows exactly what is right and what is wrong and never once you doubt that. She’s solid, she’s strong, she’s fierce, she’s competent. But since season 2 we’ve been seeing a softer side of her. And it doesn’t erase or dimish her braveness at all, quite the opposite. Kate is perfectly aware of her flaws and her fears and her limitations, and once you know this about yourself you can grow strong. That’s why Kate is so tough, even in her frailty.

“Maybe there’s a little more Nikki Heat in me than you think.”

#5: Hanna Marin | Pretty Little Liars

Hanna was my favorite since episode 1 and by the end of her last scene I already loved her. I saw right through the bitchy attitude and the whole stealing sunglasses façade. It was obvious to me that she just wanted attention from someone, that she was broken inside. Later on we found out her parents were divorced and that all the girls had stopped talking to each other. Hanna went from the girl who was shadowed by Allison to become the most popular chick at school, to become the queen. And she did it all by herself. She pretty much went through her parents’ divorce alone and still, when all the girls reunited, she remained a great friend. Her friendship with Emily definitely is my favorite thing about PLL. Hanna is compassionate, open minded, easy going and extremely loyal. She’s the kind of friend who takes your hand and walks down the path with you, no matter what. And she’s super duper adorable.

“I think you’re the one who needs a trip to Oz. See if the Wizard can find you a heart.”

#4: Alex Drake

I was way too late for the Ashes to Ashes party *pouts* But throughout the year I watched the episodes and was fascinated by Alex. Well to start off, Keeley is amazing, she kills it in every single scene. Whenever she cries my heart aches. Really hard. But the character speaks for itself, of course. I adore all of Alex’s layers; how she can go from this HBIC to an adorable and sweet girl and to this scared girl in a matter of seconds. Especially when it comes to her daughter. She’s so determined to figure out a way of coming back to Molly, of being strong enough to overcome whatever it is that is holding her back; but, at the same time, whenever she thinks about her baby girl, whenever she realizes that, once again, it didn’t work, she hasn’t gone back to her life and it wears her down, her heart breaks. While watching, everything that I wanted, even more than a Galex happy ending or figuring out the whole mystery, all that I wanted was for Alex to go back to Molly. Because above everything else she was a mother. A desperate mother who just wanted to get back to her child. And I still haven’t watched the last 2 episodes because I still haven’t gathered the strength to, as I already know what happens. And I’m positive both the writing and Keeley will make me cry like a baby.

“My name is Alex Drake. I’ve just been shot and that bullet has sent me back to 1981. I may be one second away from life, or one second away from death. They say that as you die, your life flashes before you, all those memories and mistakes that form us. Well, bring it on. My life can flash away as much as it wants because I am not going to die. I’m coming back to you, Molly.”

#3: Sarah Braverman | Parenthood

Of course that I knew I’d probably like Sarah, as Lauren is an amazing actress, but I fell in love with the character and its personality on the Chinese restaurant scene; when she starts to cry and when she goes all shy after being called ‘beautiful’. I have a soft spot for broken characters; the bigger the emotional baggage, the better. And Sarah has all the qualities that I seek on my favorite characters. She struggles, she struggled her whole life. She struggled to be a good daughter, a good wife, a good mother, a good professional, a good person. And life constantly brings her down, again and again and again and even though she finds herself almost giving up from time to time (“I’m so tired of being the problem.”) she always gathers the strength in herself to carry on. The show starts with Sarah reaching the botton after getting divorced and having to move back to her parents’ house. Her self esteem is so low that to be considered a beautiful woman is shocking to her. And it was amazing to see how much more confident she has become. If you compare the Sarah from the pilot and the Sarah who got herself a well deserved internship, you can see how much she has evolved.

And she’s an amazing mother; her relationship with Amber is the most precious thing about the show. They learned how to trust in themselves together, and that’s so beautiful and inspiring. I’m sure Sarah is an example not only to us, but to all those mothers that watch the show and relate to her problems. Sarah is a model on how to get up from the ground and start over.

That said, let me fangirl over Miss Graham a little bit: I love this woman’s power on making me cry almost every week. And I’m so glad she accepted to play Sarah, because I was dying to see her doing more dramatic stuff. And she is simply superb. She doesn’t even have to cry, sometimes just a single look is enough to make us see how broken Sarah is. Parenthood and Sarah made me love Lauren even more. And I didn’t think it was possible.

“Don’t be a victim, you know. Just do something; you don’t need an invitation to your own life.”

tl;dr. I know.

#2: Cara Mason | Legend of the Seeker

It’s amazing how beautiful Cara’s story arch is. She was kidnapped by the Mord Siths when she was a child and after being tortured and trained, she had to kill her own father. She learned that emotions must be dismissed as they weaken you. She was trained to become a fighter. A cold hearted fighter. A weapon. But when she joined Richard, the new Lord Rahl, a different kind of life was shown to her. She learned that you can be a fighter and still have compassion, she learned that you have to pick your fights, to fight for the good causes. But, most importantly, she learned that you can’t do things all by yourself, you need help, you need friends, you need a family. And it was when she started to soften a little that the innocent girl that she once was awoke inside of her. The scene where she stares at the night wisps completely amazed, is one of the most beautiful scenes of the show. Her rivalry with Kahlan turned into a beautiful friendship and she even grew to like Zedd. And all of this without losing her sharp wit, her sarcastic remarks, her disdainful smile and her ability of kicking everyone’s asses. Tabrett Bethell did an amazing job portraying this character who became one of my favorites, ever, even though I only had her around for one season.

“Once, long ago, I was training a slave who endeavoured most stubbornly not to behave. So I cut off a finger or two with a knife and threatened to slaughter his child and his wife. Then I stripped him down naked and strapped to a horse, I dragged him through miles of rabble and gorse. Poured salt in his wounds and rolled him in rubble, that was the last time he gave any trouble.”

#1: Kahlan Amnell | Legend of the Seeker

Kahlan is my top 2 TV Character of all times. I love every single thing about her. How she is the mother confessor, a pure creature, with a big heart, who is always doing her best to keep people safe, who is always fighting evil, who is always looking for justice. And at the same time, she still is the woman, who loves her man and would do anything for him, who dreams of having a family and who has to take the pain that her duty brings her. She had to sacrifice a lot of things because of her responsability; she suffered knowing she would never be able to marry the man of her life (well, at least she thought so). But instead of letting this make her become a bitter and sad person, she used it to help her become a stronger fighter. Because she’s not one sided. She isn’t a Mary Sue at all. She’s fierce and strong and she will kill all the baddies that come her way. She doesn’t hesitate on confessing D’Harans in order to get valuable information and at the same time, she will be compassionate with the people from the Midlands and give them a second chance if they prove themselves sorry. She has got everything that a true leader needs. She’s the HBIC of the HBICs.

“I’m asking you to stay alive. I … I can’t live in a world without you.”

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Nathalie: lots - yellowimaginary_lives on January 3rd, 2011 02:19 am (UTC)
This list ROCKS. I have to say I've read every single one of those descriptions (even of the shows I wasn't familiar with) and I agree with all of your choices. Especially the ones I already knew (Aliena, Caroline, Beckett, Cara and Kahlan).
Sianne: stefan/elena/damon; OT3jsharia on January 3rd, 2011 02:34 am (UTC)
elena and caroline <3
god i miss legend of the seeker =[

i love your list!
dawn_queendawn_queen on January 3rd, 2011 09:39 am (UTC)
Parenthood ♥
Amazing list!
sofie_sanctuary: Ashes to ashes - cutenesssofie_sanctuary on January 3rd, 2011 11:45 am (UTC)
ALEX DRAKE!!!!! ♥♥♥
You will need lots of tissues while watching the last 2 episodes. It killed me.
CL: [Parenthood] Julia Sarah LOLmuzzy_olorea on January 3rd, 2011 01:18 pm (UTC)
Wow, what an awesome picspam!!!

And she would have been way higher in this list if season 2 hadn’t screwed her over.

TOTALLY agree with this.

Love Amber/Sarah on Parenthood too though I also really love the Drew/Sarah dynamic. That episode where she doesn't come home at night and he's all worried? MADE ME MELT.

Needless to say Lauren Graham is AWESOME and I'm so glad she's on my TV again.